Digital Writer/Producer with more than 12 years of experience creating engaging, revenue-driving content for major companies.

ABC Digital: Write and produce original short form video and blog entries for distribution on ABC Digital platforms and partner platforms, including Hulu and AOL. Samples: Video – Once Upon a Time: A Mother’s Love | 50 Shades of Graham | 8 Reasons We’re Shipping FitzSimmons

Freelance: Write research-based blog entries and feature articles on self-improvement and relationships. Samples: The Magic of Multitasking and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves | What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Disney Family.com: Wrote and produced parenting-oriented feature articles. Samples: Father’s Day: What Dad Really Wants | 25 Perfect Presents in a Pinch

G4tv.com: Wrote articles and features on video games, technology and sports for 18-34 demo. Samples: Football and Video Games: A Love Story | Gamer’s Guide to Girls: Top 10 Cheats for How to Score

DirecTV.com: Wrote and edited copy for consumer-focused web pages, newsletters and co-branded marketing initiatives. Samples: DIY Sweepstakes | My DirecTV Newsletter