Kindle Daily Deal Blog Hop

The Name of the Game is available today for only 99 cents as part of Kindle’s Daily Deal! In honor of this exciting event, some of my fellow authors are generously hosting me on their blogs today.

Favorite Sexy Nerds on
The unlikely hero of my contemporary romance “The Name of the Game” is an accounting professor named Mac. Despite his seemingly unending supply of sweater vests, there’s something about him that free-spirited flight attendant Kyle can’t get enough of. He’s uptight and nerdy, yes — but she also discovers he’s sweet and surprisingly sexy.Here are a few of my favorite nerds who inspired the character of Mac… Read More

Guest Author Interview on
I try to find happiness in every single day, but I’d say my best capital-“H” Happy Time was making my short film SOLO last year. My husband directed, I wrote and produced, and we filmed on location in my hometown in Florida. We had an incredible cast and crew, and my whole family pitched in on every aspect of the production. It was the most exhausting week of my life, but I got to spend it doing one of my favorite things with my favorite people. Read more

Author Interview on
I think readers will love that my heroine Kyle is determined to find happiness on her own terms. She’s not quite what she seems, and over time, it becomes clear that she’s had to fight to for the life she has. And I hope they’ll like that even though she’s beautiful and smart, she’s also sometimes a mess — just the like the rest of us! Read More

5 Questions on
I stole the world “blerg” from Tina Fey. It’s used to express a combination of frustration, annoyance, and “only me,” as in midway though a date: “Wait, we’re cousins? BLERG!”
I also love to say the word “automagic” for something that automatically updates, but with an air of magic, as in, “Facebook figured out we were cousins and automagically updated our status to “It’s Complicated.”  Read More

When Opposites Attract on
It’s hard to imagine a couple more different than the hero and heroine of my book, “The Name of the Game.” Mac is a nerdy but cute accounting professor who wears sweater vests. Kyle is a free-spirited flight attendant who dresses like Carmen Miranda and practices scream therapy. Despite their differences, they find themselves drawn together, and eventually realize they might have more in common than just physical attraction.Some of the best couples in fiction (and real life) are examples of opposites attracting. There’s something about the yin and the yang, the friction of differences, that gets at the heart of why falling in love is so exciting. Read more

Thanks so much to Kristi Knight, Suzi Love, Robyn Neeley, Veronica Scott and Beth Yarnall for hosting me!


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