Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for my family — the Weseman-Sadasivan-Richardson-Hall-Good-Yarbrough-Carden-Suteras and anyone else with a different last name who belongs to this clan. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have been raised in a happy, loving family that is still the center of my world today, despite the distance separating many of us. I’m grateful for parents and brothers and sister and sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law and oodles of nieces and nephews who always make me feel part of something larger than myself. I feel doubly blessed by marrying into an amazingly warm, fun, Gator-loving family.

I’m thankful for the little version of this family that I get to share my daily life with: my kick-ass husband/drinking buddy/co-conspirator/creative partner Lex and our ridiculously awesome doggies, Sammy and Buddy. There’s no better fan club to come home to each day.

I’m also thankful for my great, big, beautiful family of friends: people who love cupcakes or writing or football or TV or dogs or beer or crafts or movies and people who like none of those things, but for some reason, like me just the same.

I’m thankful for football. Not only because it provides me with a weekly excuse to indulge in beer and buffalo wings, but because it connects me with friends near and far — from Lex’s awesome New England homies to every stranger I can strike up a conversation with simply by saying, “Go Gators.” Each week I cheer on the Orange and Blue, it reminds of the four wonderful years I spent at the University of Florida — and the Gator friendships that will last a lifetime. And following the Patriots with Lex reminds me each and every week how blessed I am to be married to my best friend. Oh, and how awesome it is to totally dominate a sport.

I’m thankful for a job at a magical company that allows me the time and flexibility to follow my other dreams, all while working with truly kind, fun people.

I’m thankful for my creative support group — those who encourage me to write, even when it’s hard or lonely or scary and I’d just rather be watching “Law and Order” reruns on TNT.

I’m even thankful for Facebook. Somewhere in between the witty status updates and annoying political debates, it actually helps me connect with people I’d otherwise have lost touch with. Childhood friends, high school partners in crime, former co-workers, relatives I only see at weddings and funerals. (I’m also thankful for the Hide function, which allows me to avoid the people I wish I’d lost track of but can’t seem to shake.)

I’m thankful I don’t have to worry about being hungry or thirsty or cold or afraid, so I can enjoy the little things in life — waking up each day to two doggies play-wrestling on me while I sleep…having a window over my kitchen sink so that I can see the sunshine while I wash the dishes…going to bed each night feeling safe and secure in the flicker of a “Golden Girls” episode on the TiVO.

I’m thankful for all of these things and more — and for the ability, every now and then, to express my gratitude in words like these.


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