It’s Funny ‘Cause She’s FAT! Et Tu, Coco?

There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone I admire slide so quickly from brilliance to bullshit — I’m talking to you, Conan O’Brien.

George Lopez made headlines this week for making fat jokes after Kirstie Alley‘s amazing debut on “Dancing with the Stars.” Lopez played an otherwise-adorable Geico commercial featuring a pig crying “Wee wee” all the way home, saying it was Kirstie on her drive back from DTWS. He later apologized and she responded that she didn’t want or need his apology — just his kidney, a glorious reference to the kidney given to him by the wife he later left.

It’s George Lopez kind of humor. To me, he’s never been much more than a Latino Jay Leno — nothing too original, nothing too offensive, nothing too smart. You know, nothing too…funny.

But et tu, Coco? You went to Harvard, for God’s sake. You wrote some of the best episodes of one the best shows ever, “The Simpsons.” You made leaving NBC for basic cable look like the most badass move in late night television history.

And you’re gonna do a bit about Kirstie Alley falling through the dance floor?

Oh, I get it. She fell through the dance floor BECAUSE SHE’S FAT!

Let’s put aside the fact that this is sexist, offensive, and unnecessarily hurtful and just focus on something far more important: it’s not even funny.

It wasn’t funny in the ’70s when it was Mama Cass. It wasn’t funny in the ’80s when it was Oprah. It wasn’t funny in the ’90s when it was Rosie O’Donnell. It wasn’t funny in the 2000’s when it was Star Jones. And don’t even get me started on Jessica Simpson.

Has anyone on Conan’s staff ever seen an episode of “Dancing with the Stars?” I have, and I can assure you there are plenty of other things to be made fun of. Plenty.

So come on, Conan. Come on, Conan’s writers, interns, the guy who doodled the famous Coco poster — somebody can come up with something funnier than a fat joke.

Or this little piggy didn’t cry “Wee wee!” all the way home. “Thanks, Mrs. A!”


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