Out with the Old

2010 was a tough year. We lost two family members, watched our puppy struggle with a series of freak health issues, had some professional setbacks, and had to make a whirlwind move after a showdown with The World’s Craziest Landlord. Not to mention an inexplicably bad Gator Football season. We were ready to ring in 2011 in a big way.

As it turned out, our friends had had an even shittier 2010 than us. Death, divorce, broken engagements, pretty much every type of loss imaginable. And so our New Year’s Eve was a bit different than most.

We screamed Cee-Loo Green’s opus at the top of our lungs. We wrote our 2010 woes on balloons and then popped them on the floor. We cried, then drank, then sang “F You” again.

But then we woke up and 2010 was over. The sun was shining, the mimosas were flowing, and the Gators won their Bowl Game — the last with our beloved coach, Urban Meyer. It was a beautiful day.

And I have to believe it will be a beautiful year.


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